When You Coming Home Mom?: Asuna’s mother has a busy schedule

Kouji and Tetsuya nearly got killed, and Prof. When You Coming Home Mom?: Asuna’s mother has a busy schedule because she’s a nurse, which means little time for her child. She uses Crescent Rose to chop up Ursai in the forest as easily and messily as she slices and dices Beowolves in the RWBY “Red” trailer, as well as breaking White Fang assassins’ Auras and cutting them in half vertically for one hit kills.

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Archie also calls Gloria “little girl” and Edith “Dingbat” while Mike calls him “Arch”. It also streamlined the plot, but remained fairly faithful (for example, in the movie, the Orca goes out and stays out until the end, while in the book http://buckelllakeshores.org/the-museums-ceodirector-michael-govan-told-me-that-they-had/, they make several trips out, returning at the end of each day each film encounter with the shark roughly corresponds to a single book encounter, with the Orca returning to port after losing track of the shark).

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