Also ex gay Pastor Westcott, when Bill accidentally implied

Actually Pretty Funny: Even the guys in the trucker church that Bill interviewed laughed when, after they had put their hands on his shoulders in a circle and prayed for him, he pretended his wallet was missing. Also ex gay Pastor Westcott, when Bill accidentally implied some Foe Yay between them, both of them almost couldn’t stop laughing. A God Am I: Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda, who claimed to be the reborn Jesus Christ, is interviewed in the film. Belief Makes You Stupid: The basic thesis, hence the title. Although, Bill accepts the idea of people in desperate situations (such as prison) turning to God as being “the only thing that keeps them going.” Book Ends: The film opens with Bill standing on Megido, Israel, noting that, according to Christian beliefs, this is the spot Jesus will return to and end the world; the closing scene has Bill in the same place making a reflection on the dangers of believing something that looks forward to the end of the world, and how irrationality could provoke our own Armageddon. Church Militant: Bill isn’t too fond of these types because he thinks they’re Windmill Crusaders. Comically Missing the Point: During his interview with the head of the Creationist organization Answers in Genesis, Ken Ham:Ken: God is all knowing, all powerful, He works in mysterious ways.

Scott, 23, already has the whole of Scotland in stitches thanks to his Methadone Mick character in Still Game.But far from being a one trick pony, his mentor David Wallace believes the next step for Scott is becoming a Hollywood heartthrob like X Men star and former PACE student James.MORE LOCAL NEWS: Heppy’s greenhouse is finally back in actionFrom the age of eight, Scott learned his craft at the Paisley drama school and followed in the footsteps of the likes of Gerard Butler, James McAvoy, David Sneddon and Paolo Nutini.After spending many years teaching him, David thinks Scott will be a superstar.He said: “Everyone is really proud of Scott and he is doing very well.”There was no doubt in my mind that Scott would become a great actor.”You can’t always tell, but with Scott had the dogged determination that many don’t have.”The exposure he’s getting from Still Game is massive.”I think he will go down the television and film route if he wants.”Usually that’s the main source of income even if their biggest passion is theatre.”I think he will progress through everything just like James McAvoy did.”What makes him stand out is his drive and ambitition to be the best.”Even the greatest actor in the world would never get anywhere if he just sat waiting for the phone to ring.”He is very productive and has always been a grafter since he was a youngster.”It was only a few years ago that he was doing the Christmas pantomime for us and now he’s on Still Game, and playing the lead in a national production of The Curious Incident of the Dog In the Night Time.

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