Biting the Hand Humor: See Lampshade Hanging

If the market is willing to buy pigs with lipstick, I’m selling pigs with lipstick, eye shadow and maybe a splash of perfume. When he came back to reinspect ( another $100) he only remembered one location that had dry rot even though we had several square feet replaced in several different places so I took him around and showed him all the new work he signed off on it but would not increase the appraisal value. We fought back and forth with them about how an asset can go from uninsurable to insurable, have “$3000” in repairs and not gain any value whatsoever. Said it was based on local comps regardless and unless it was a complete major overhaul it would have made enough of a difference ( except now they can lend on it) it was very frustrating I don’t want to rant but I could write a whole article on all the riduclous issues we dealt with trying to get that stupid HELOC in fact I think I just might. so don’t be too hard on yourself. I don’t know the area, but it does sound as some of the others were saying that you got caught up in a bad market. Whenever I am looking at comps I try to determine if the homes had upgrades or were just plain jane and then note the differences in sale price. Until the appraiser comes in and says this house is worth 42k needs this this this and this. When every thing is fixed it will be worth 42k. Yet there are plenty of comps in the area at 60k 90k. The bank is local right up the street and has lent on plenty of houses on my street including the one right next door. Loan officer knew the appraiser screwed up but his hands were tied.

Big Entrance: Appropriately so. All the Monstars and three of the Tune Squad’s starting five (Bugs, Lola and Taz) get awesome entrances. Daffy attempts his own but is met with silence, and while Michael gets a round of applause, his entrance is a more straightforward NBA style affair with no crowd pandering. Big Game: The climax of the movie, of course. Billing Displacement: In the soundtrack, while “Space Jam” and “I Believe I Can Fly” proved to be the most memorable and longest lasting songs of the soundtrack, they’re only Tracks 3 and 4 respectively. Biting the Hand Humor: See Lampshade Hanging. Also, Moron Mountain is a spoof of a park that actually has Looney Tunes rides. Body Horror: The Monstars, especially the transformation sequence, where they grow freakishly large. Coupled with Adult Fear when you realize they’re just kids with no ill will for anyone. Borrowed Catchphrase: Near the end of the film, Jordan sarcastically calls Bugs Bunny “Doc”. Porky’s response is to shriek, piddle (to which a cowbell effect is used), and say to the audience:”I I I I I wet myself.”.

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